Healthy Living – Detox And Fitness Combo


I have been obese for a total of 10 years. I must say I kept on hiding from my weight. All my insecurities in life, my emotional issues, and everything bad that had happened to me are the culprit as to why I weigh more than I should be. People will start looking at me as if I am a horrible monster. Every time I am going to order a take-out I always order huge meals. This has been life and I have thrown it all away in just a matter of 2 years. It was not easy. It is just I made a decision to make a change for my sake, and to become the best father for my father.

My secret formula to living a healthy life is the combination of detox and fitness. How is this done? Well, my friend read on.

lemon water imageWater With Lemon Slice

Detoxifying my body from all the toxins I have accumulated over the years was a struggle. It was so hard. I can not even imagine I have done it and have survived. What I did is to use to drink a glass of water with a slice of lemon into it when I wake up. This has become my morning routine.

Walk For 5 Minutes

After I have done drinking water with lemon slice, I bring my daughter with me and we walk around the block for 5 minutes. This is my way of having a bond with her while at the same time I am exercising. I must say it does make wonders. My daughter is always looking forward to our father and daughter bond every morning.

Drink My Smoothie

Here is the thing instead of eating my usual bacon, egg, pancakes, with a can of soda as my breakfast, I changed it into drinking a smoothie. My smoothie consists of fresh fruits like apple, grape fruit, and pineapple. I always change the ingredients every 3-4 days so that I do not get bored with my smoothie. If I feel hungry, I munch on a slice of pineapple or apple until such time I do not feel hungry anymore.

This is what I have done for a duration of 3 months. Then, eventually I detoxify myself once every week until today. It had made me lost the pounds off the body. I have applied the formula until now and even until I grow old. I am determined to go on a healthy living for the rest of my life.

I have also begun following this fitness routine.

Much of what I learned about detox came from Purify Your Body. I haven’t tried their foot things yet but there is some great information on the site that might help you too.

Another good one is Make Your Body Work – it’s got lots of cool fitness vids that you can do at home. It’s free so I like it!